BodyVine Sports - Thigh Sleeve (Triple Compression Technology)

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BodyVine Triple Compression - Thigh Sleeves features a patented 3-layer compression pattern including built-in Power-Band (tm) compression taping technology that mimics Kinesiology taping techniques.

  • 1st Layer - Power-Mesh Elastic Fabric for improved breathability while providing restrained compression to the thigh muscle groups
  • 2nd Layer - Power Band (tm) Taping increased targeted compression and support to the IB Band (Illiotibial band) and thigh muscles. Designed to reduce irritation at common pain points and IB Band insertion at the lateral knee position - Further improves proprioception during movement while providing better control in the IB Band movement
  • 3rd Layer - Soft wicking fabric material ensures gentle touch to the skin while providing support and leaving minimal marking


Recommended use: Marathon, Triathalon, Basketball, Cycling, Tennis, Crossfit, Gym, Sprinting, Track and Field, Activities with heavy knee to hip rotation and flexing. General discomfort during lateral knee to hip flexion motions.


*Please refer to physician to ascertain root cause of discomfort and pain.