BodyVine Sports - Wrist-Plus (Triple Compression Technology)

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BodyVine Triple Compression - Wrist-Plus compression features a patented 3-layer compression pattern including built-in Power-Band (tm) compression taping technology that mimics kinesiology taping techniques.

  • 1st Layer - Power-Mesh Elastic Fabric for improved breathability while providing restrained compression
  • 2nd Layer - Power Band (tm) Taping designed in strap/wrap form offers moderate to strong protection and support for injured, weak or post-cast wrists
  • Targets wrist joint with targeted compression and support towards tendons and tissue surrounding the palm. Improves proprioception during movements.
  • 3rd Layer - Soft wicking fabric material ensures gentle touch to the skin while providing support and leaving minimal marking

Recommended use: General wrist weakness, post-injury, post-cast wrist, carpel tunnel syndrome support, general recovery support on the wrist.

Sports usage: Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Racket Sports, Baseball, Golf, Softball, boxing, Gym, Crossfit, Dancing and general sports with grip and wrist stability requirements.


*Please refer to physician to ascertain root cause of wrist discomfort or pain.