BodyVine Sports - Knee Sleeves (Ultrathin Technology) [BLACK COLOUR ONLY]

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The classic ultrathin plus is an upgraded version of the popular ultrathin technology. 

It's encompasses the patented Power Mesh, Powergrip and Breathgrip technology present in all BodyVine products.

Unique features:

  • Unique combination of Power Mesh compression sleeve and outer Power-Band tape allows basic support and breathability for users
  • Built-in compression taping technology and design improves muscle awareness
  • Extended design reduces muscle vibrations
  • Breath-Grip prevents slipping while not leaving red marks after use
  • Provides freedom to knee joints due to additional support around the muscles and ligaments
  • Decreases knee pain caused by instability or weakness
  • Elderly and friendly for those with minor injuries
  • Fits discreetly under clothing

Muscle Protection

All Round Protection

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