BodyVine Sports - Ankle Stabilizer (Triple Compression Technology)

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BodyVine Triple Compression - Ankle Stabilizer features a patented 3-layer compression pattern including built-in Power-Band (tm) compression taping technology that mimics kinesiology taping techniques.

  • 1st Layer - Power-Mesh Elastic Fabric for improved breathability while providing restrained compression
  • 2nd Layer - Power Band (tm) Taping provides targeted support to the ankle joints. Adjustable strap provides customized fit and comfort, while providing support to tendons and ligaments surrounding the ankle joint.
  • Power Band (tm) is designed to improve proprioception input during movement and supporting the main lateral ankle ligaments to prevent ankle sprains
  • 3rd Layer - Soft wicking fabric material ensures gentle touch to the skin while providing support and leaving minimal marking

Materials used in BodyVine Triple Compression Ankle Stabilizer allows stable support while providing flexibility - suitable for agility based sports, performance support and general ankle pain and discomfort

Recommended use: Marathon, Triathalon, Basketball, Cycling, Tennis, Crossfit, Gym, Sprinting, Track and Field, Gymnastics and general support of ankle discomfort.


*Please refer to physician to ascertain root cause of ankle discomfort and pain.