BodyVine Sports - Elbow Stabilizer (Triple Compression Technology)

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BodyVine Triple Compression - Elbow Stabilizer features a patented 3-layer compression pattern including built-in Power-Band (tm) compression taping technology (Mimics Kinesiology taping techniques)

  • 1st Layer - Power-Mesh Elastic Fabric for improved breath-ability while providing restrained compression
  • 2nd Layer - Power Band (tm) Taping provides elbow joint with targeted compression and support. Added pressure supporting the lateral epicondyle and wrist extensor during muscle contraction adds in additional stability and body control - provides surrounding tissue of the elbow joint with improved proprioception during movements.
  • 3rd Layer - Soft wicking fabric material ensures gentle touch to the skin while providing support and leaving minimal marking
  • Elastic strap with wrist extensor stabilizer aiding in pain relief related to golf and tennis elbow

Designed for sports enthusiast for performance and stability during high impact activities to improve performance and reduce pain caused by joint and muscle instability.

Recommended use: Triathalon, Basketball, Cycling, Tennis, Dodgeball, Handball, Tchoukball, Rugby, Crossfit, Gym, powerlifting, Dancing, Golf, Hockey, Racket Sports, General elbow instability.