Chronic Knee Pain, a common problem amongst Singaporean Elderly

Chronic Knee Pain, a common problem amongst Singaporean Elderly

According to a article from 2017 from TODAYonline, nearly half of the elderly in Singapore experiences chronic knee pain. There are various possible causes:

  • Wear and Tear of cartilages
  • Weakness of muscles
  • Losing range of motion
  • Bone related issues
  • Other complications

Advice from doctors are always advisable to find out the root cause. The good news is, weakness of muscles and the reduced range of motion are often reversible with a little discipline, attention to your body, and sometimes, a little extra aid.

Example of an exercise that helps with knee pain (Suitable for Elders)


Helps to train the inner layer of the calves and also the lower portion of the calf muscle. This exercise helps to strength the heels and knee cap, in turn, this provides better stabilization and control.

To perform the SEATED CALF RAISE, you will need a stool, chair or a bench for comfortably bending your knees to a 90 degree angle.

Step 1: While seated, fold your elbows and press down towards the thighs

Step 2: Raise your heel off the ground

Step 3: Apply resistance with elbows by asserting suitable force to provide resistance to raised heel.

Complete - 2 sets of 10 to 12 Reps (Click here to learn more from Howcast)


To improve range of motion

There are also multiple stretches that can be employed, we recommend the following stretch for elderly individuals. 

Step 1: Stabilize yourself about half arms length from a sold wall

Step 2: Left/Right foot to take one normal spaced step backwards

Step 3: Ensure toes on both feet faces the wall

Step 4: Lean in towards the wall

Complete - Left Calf and Right Calf, two sets of 30 seconds each


Lastly, there are aids in the market such as knee sleeves, compression, knee guard and supports available in the market.

There are brands such as LP, Bodyvine, Rigorer, Nike, just to name a few.

  • Choose brands that supports the knee cap instead of products that only provides compression
  • Look for anti-slip material as knee supports are only as good as where it protects
  • Understand your knee pain, do not use knee sleeves as your first line of option, always consult a physician for chronic knee pain problems
  • There are brands in the market with targeted compression such as Bodyvine and Nike, these are slightly more costly, but provides much stronger support for common knee problems.

For knee sleeve support, click here to access our knee sleeve page to learn more about how it can help you feel better or provide better support during your strengthening exercises.

To sum it up, there are multiple ways that an individual can strengthen the right muscles to provide support and reduce pain, the mixture of both supportive aids such as knee sleeves could help elderly respond quicker the exercises if chosen correctly.