3 Tips on running during the Pandemic

3 Tips on running during the Pandemic

3 Tips on running during the Pandemic

The trick to life, is learning how to deal with it. This becomes so much more applicable during the coronavirus pandemic we are facing.

Life goes on but this should not stop us from staying healthy if we take the right precautions.

1. Pick a route, and time that are less bustling with people

As the guideline suggests, social distancing works in wonders to reduce and break the potential chain of infection. Choose places and times that are less busy for jog, avoid the public exercise parks during peak period and enjoy the wonders of the estates around you.

2. Make use of light, filtered fabric clothes during running

N95 ares not suitable for running as they make breathing difficult, these masks were designed for individuals who are dealing with the pandemic up close. Various options are available in the market, from double layered cloth masks, pocketed masks, or a mixture of both such as the new antiviral mash facemask available easily in the market.

Your running partner during this pandemic should be someone you interact with on a daily basis, such as your spouse or children. This will reduce the risks between the community and to protect you, and your loved ones.


Keeping all these in mind - one of our own favorite options for a good workout nowadays are all the FREE online classes provided by trainers during this period through Zoom and other platforms.

Be Alert, Do not panic and remember to keep a good personal hygiene so we can continue to enjoy what we love during these "New Norms"!