Getting that unhealthy slouch out of the way?

Getting that unhealthy slouch out of the way?

Injuries, poor habits, long hours of sitting, weight gaining.. these are just some of the reasons our posture may not be the way it was during our active days in school. Pro-longed slouching can cause other parts of the body to start becoming imbalanced and can cause a "range of motion" loss or even weaken other functioning muscle groups.

Very often, the "slouch" or the rounded shoulders, are caused by imbalanced muscles. There are a few methods that could be mixed and matched to potentially improve the poor posture: 


(1) Core muscle training and upper back training


Sometimes, individuals may train their chest and forget to manage their upper back muscles. The resulting effect often becomes a rounded shoulder. One way to fix this, is to develop a stronger core muscle made up of 29 different muscles. One of the best workout to develop a stronger core is as simple as PLANKS.

Other exercises that helps with core muscle training includes and are not limited to:

  • Hip Lifts
  • Abdominal Chair Crunches
  • Plank holds
  • Side plank holds


(2) Using posture correcting aids

Posture correcting aids are now more common in the market, They are often shaped like a vest that provides resistance to keep an individual from slouching. Walking with such aids helps with keeping the back straight and forcing the body to engage the correct muscles during daily activities.


(3) The use of top body compression with targeted compression and resistance designs.

The use of compression has shown to help individuals protect muscles by reducing the micro vibrations caused by the impact of daily movements. There is another group of compression that has in-built fabric patterns and varying resistance that helps obtain the same effect of both posture aids and stabilization effects as that observed in compression.

One of such brands is the Bodyvine compression series for both men, and women.

SportsBraCompression for Men

Wearing them during daily activities will aid in recovery, improve blood flow and at the same time, improve posture over time.

A good posture aligns the body, allowing you to achieve better stability, control and achieve better performance in every day activities.

Needless to say, the improved feeling and standing tall will also attract more attention, what not to love about being a healthier you today?