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Injuries, poor habits, long hours of sitting, weight gaining.. these are just some of the reasons our posture may not be the way it was during our active days in school. Pro-longed slouching can cause other parts of the body to start becoming imbalanced and can cause a "range of motion" loss or even weaken other functioning muscle groups. Very often, the "slouch" or the rounded shoulders, are caused by imbalanced muscles. There are a few methods that could be mixed and matched to potentially improve the poor posture:    (1) Core muscle training and upper back training Sometimes, individuals...

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Similar to the benefits of better blood flow, the opposite stands true for the drainage of toxins and lactic acids from the muscles through better blood flow. The reduction in lactic acid and oxidative free radicals accumulating in the muscles plays a significant role in muscle endurance and reduces muscle fatigue and muscle soreness during and post workout.

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